Car Ceiling Storage Net

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Carrying luggage in the interior of the car is never comfortable, with Storage Net you can take on all your stuff without cluttering your interior or cramping the trunk!

The durable net installs easily onto the ceiling and bears the weight of your bulkier items, organizing your interior and creating more storage space in one go! 

All your essentials will be in easy reach, right above your head. Take on the long road properly organized to enjoy the ride no matter how much stuff you decide to take!


Room for everything
Don’t leave any luggage behind, install Storage Net to the ceiling to find room for all the light luggage you are carrying!

A second trunk
If the trunk is not big enough to fit your bulkier items, leave it to Storage Net to organize your stuff right above your head!

Unclutter the interior
Easily keep your essentials close by for quick access whenever you need them. Place them in a Space Net, and they’ll be within your reach!

Storage Net is the ultimate choice
Don’t miss anything on your long travels, double the storage space in your vehicle to fit everything you need inside!


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